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We understand what it's like to move across the world and end up somewhere far different from home. Nihao MN can help you make the most of your experience in this new place. We're here for you and we'll help you Find Your Way


Find your way out of the city and into the great outdoors. 

In addition to over 10,000 lakes, Minnesota boasts over 60 State Parks and dozens of stunning areas to explore. Nihao MN Outdoor Adventures are the perfect place to start exploring. 

Find your way into life giving friendships. 

One of the most meaningful cross cultural experiences to be enjoyed is to share a meal with local friends in their home. We help make those connections possible through our Nihao MN Meals Around the Table.


Find your way to purpose and peace. 

In a crazy world that doesn't always make sense, faith in God is a rock to build our lives on. We offer a safe place to explore the deep questions of life through our Nihao MN Discovery Bible Studies and Big Question Dialogues

Image by Lee Vue
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